Serina’s Ombre Blanket Crochet

The crochet blanket is a very common item and with numerous functions, it can be used from a baby blanket option to a blanket or sofa shawl. And an item with so many functions and with a handcrafted style cannot be forgotten, that’s why we’ve gathered ideas and models for crochet plaid, as well as graphics and step-by-step instructions for making the plaid. The word Crochet comes from a term in the Nordic dialect, which means hook, referring to the shape of the crochet hook that pulls the stitches. It also has its origins in the French word “croc”, which in French has the same meaning. According to historians, crochet work has its origins in prehistory. The art of crochet, as it is today, was developed in the 16th century. A Danish writer named Lis Paludan tried to find out where crochet originated in Europe and founded some theories, the most likely being that the technique originated. in Arabia and arrived in Spain by the trade routes of the Mediterranean.

The crochet blanket can be used in various environments, including as a blanket for the bed, as it brings this idea of ​​a piece to decorate the bed and bring a cozier air to the room. With this idea, the proposal was to make a blanket in gray string, which stands out over the white bed linen, and brings a modern touch to the handcrafted piece. The bed blanket model was made from crochet square, joining the squares that were made separately and forming the piece for the bed. Another idea for the crochet piece to decorate the bed is this model that brings handcrafted work with a modern touch due to the style of the stitches, which form a work with a chevron-style print. The chevron print blanket is a zigzag style piece, which in addition to being a current print also brings a composition of modern colors, such as gray, yellow and white. In addition to the colored string options, the bed blanket can also follow a more artisanal proposal and made with raw string, as shown by the idea used in this room.

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Crochet blanket models – Crochet sofa blanket: If the idea is to have a crochet sofa blanket, the proposal here brings a beautiful model to decorate the sofa with a gradient of blue tones. The sofa blanket is a square model and made in string with different shades of blue, the outer edges in a navy blue tone, and creating a gradient to the center of the piece that reaches the tone of white. The model features open stitches that leave the sofa’s brown color as a background, thus uniting the upholstery with the decorative blanket. Among the styles of blankets for the living room, this proposal brings a more delicate version of blanket that characterizes the handmade style in the decoration. The blanket is made up of different dots forming circles of 2 sizes that make up the entire piece.

The model was made in line, which makes the piece more delicate, and the choice of a clear line matches the environment’s color chart. As an idea for a crochet sofa blanket, the proposal here brings a crochet square model in a modern style and with warm colors, such as orange and marsala. The crochet piece has squares made separately and with stitches in a modern style, forming designs in each square. So the squares were joined and form the blanket for the room. In addition to the warm colors, the piece also features some squares in nude tones, which soften the strongest colors and match the upholstery.

Crochet for Life, please note that the instructions below will help you learn how to make the pattern for Serina’s Ombre Blanket Crochet. Enjoy all the information it contains and a good job for you, I hope you like it.


Serina's Ombre Blanket Free Crochet Pattern | DailyCrochetIdeas
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