After The Storm Baby Blanket Crochet

The impact of colors in residential environments – Did you know that colors play an important role in the perception we have of the most varied spaces in a home? That’s why house painting goes far beyond simply choosing a color. This finish can directly interfere with your perception of the environment, comfort and even the decor. Thus, it becomes an ally in the feeling of feeling at home. This is because colors are directly linked to our earliest memories. Not only for the physical aspects, but also for a social and cultural construction. In addition, colors are able to bring out details and also provide a set of emotions or visual effects. So, when you want to enlarge small spaces, you should bet on light colors. And, when you think about leaving a sophisticated environment, you should bet on darker tones. Nice, isn’t it? So, to help you understand a little better the relationship of colors in residential environments, the InstaCasa team prepared a “quick guide” on this relationship that is so important for the harmony of a home. Let’s meet him?

What are the sensations conveyed by colors?

Colors have a strong hold on people’s impressions and perceptions, and can even change their mood in some cases. They are able to stimulate our senses and can also encourage relaxation, work, play or movement. Therefore, check out the main sensations conveyed by the respective colors in residential environments:

  • Blue: Conveys the feeling of positivity, confidence and security. It is frequently used in commercial and/or business spaces, such as bank branches, offices and companies;
  • Yellow: Leads to the idea of ​​optimism, curiosity, joviality and light environment. Frequently used in commercial spaces or restaurants for the purpose of sharpening the pedestrian’s attention;
  • Red: Color shows energy, excitement, drive. Therefore, it is regularly used in commercial spaces, such as stores or fast foods, for example, seeking the idea of ​​compulsiveness and desire for consumption;
  • Green: Evokes calm, tranquility, serenity and well-being. It is regularly used in spaces related to health and treatment, such as hospitals, clinics, spas, etc;
  • Orange: As a result of the combination of yellow and red, it offers the idea of ​​intensity, creativity, euphoria and enthusiasm;
  • Violet: Conveys well-being, calm and softness;
  • White: Multiplies light and space. It is one of the most used when painting small spaces or spaces with little natural light, such as hallways and entrance halls, as it reflects light and gives the feeling of enlarging the space. It conveys the feeling of infinity and stimulates creative imagination;
  • Black: It is a color that brings refinement and insight. Ideally, it should be used sparingly as a resource to enhance other textures, in detail, than in large areas. Can express aggressiveness;
  • Brown: Natural and sober environment. It is associated with realistic people, very sure of themselves and symbolizing the connection with nature;
  • Beige: Elegant, it has a calming effect, which makes it perfect for decorating the walls of living rooms and bedrooms. Anyway, due to its neutrality, it fits well in any room and style.

Crochet for Life, please note that the instructions below will help you learn how to make the After The Storm Baby Blanket Crochet pattern. Enjoy all the information it contains and a good job for you, I hope you like it.


After The Storm Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern – CK Crafts | Crochet  patterns, Free crochet pattern, Pattern

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