Northern Lights Beanie Hat Crochet

Northern Lights crochet hat is a beautiful work to eventually compose your look in winter. In addition, it is a very easy hat to make that will certainly look beautiful and will combine with various looks, which could be a final touch, the icing on the cake. In the cold season it is very common to use accessories that complete and make the look even more elegant and charming. In fact, it’s a very beautiful job that you won’t have a hard time doing, which is great. The color of the images, are just a suggestion, you can do it in the color you want or at the request of your client, keep that in mind.

Those who work to order are certainly good to invest in sophisticated and elegant pieces like this hat, which, besides being cozy, is a very beautiful and stylish model. This hat has such a fit that it ends up being a perfect job when done in basic colors, which will surely match with most parts of your wardrobe, believe me. However, just pay attention to the tutorial shared here to get a perfect and very beautiful hat.

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The cap, also known as a cap, is a kind of garment developed to cover the scalp, usually developed with materials that keep the leather warm, such as wool, nylon and cotton. It is a protection against the cold, used in several areas such as sports, military and leisure. Caps can vary in size, length and design, some with ear protectors or with flaps and pompoms. In general, the term swimming cap is used to designate the product for any other application, such as thermal swimming cap.

The precursor to what we now call headdress, is derived from the hat. In the 12th to 13th centuries, women made hats with cotton, silk and other velvet materials in general to protect them from the cold. In the 16th century, denim caps were popular with men and women. In the 19th century, the applications of caps were already diverse, both in the sports field, in the military or in fashion. Beanie is a subtype of the Arabian hat, or barrette. Round in shape, with no flap, it covers the ears and is used by both men, women or children for protection against the cold. It is usually made of knitted fabric, both industrialized and handmade, such as knitting or crochet.

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There are variations in the caps: some can be tied under the chin, others, called balaclavas, completely cover the face and neck, leaving only the eyes and sometimes the mouth uncovered. It is used mainly by the military, police, climbers, skiers, motorcyclists and also by criminals. In countries where the cold is very intense, hats can be made of furs or other material, such as leather, and are lined with furs.

Crochet for life, know that the instructions in the pattern below will help you learn how to crochet the Northern Lights Beanie Hat. Enjoy all the information it contains and a good job for you, I hope you enjoy it.


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