Harlequin Blanket

Get ready to bring a splash of color in your home with the Harlequin Blanket! It’s so modern if you use matching colors to make it look prettier yet. We see in this wonderful pattern that we separate for you. The pattern of Catherine’s wheels looks more like the lozenge shape on the front and the soft, round wheels on the back. Colors are in your favor so you can explore diversity or create colors with more neutral tones or more vibrant color tones.

The Harlequin Blanket when finished looks amazing, giving an air of a totally modern and conceptual product. One of the most successful and striking pattern impresses everyone who wants to make a totally innovative and different blanket. Great for anyone who wants to create something totally new and pleasing to all age groups. It can also be a great gift for any type of occasion. Think to create this pattern for your best occasion.

With simple motifs combined (if you prefer), this blanket will add a touch of cheerful color to any space. A perfect stash-buster with incredible visual pleasure, works quickly. Have fun too by making this beautiful, warm blanket, use your imagination and do it at a time when you are relaxed, so you do not rush and do not get upset. This is a tutorial for a baby blanket, but you may want to easily modify the pattern and make larger blankets. Go according to what your need. Use your imagination and your creativity to do a beautiful job. Inpisre everyone around you with this incredible pattern. Patterns are just graphics and who drives the way it will turn out is you.

Check The Pattern Harlequin Blanket Below:

We used Scheepjes Cotton 8, 14 balls in total. Cotton 8 is a fingering, 100% cotton yarn in the following colors:

A: 2 x 653
B: 2 x 720
C: 2 x 510
D: 2×716
E: 2 x 639
F: 2×714
G: 2 x 551
Crochet needle
I used a 3.5mm crochet needle (US size E / 4).

Abbreviations used (US terms)

ch: current
ch-sp: chain space
ch-1 sp: chain 1 space (s): number indicates the number of strings in the chain space
sc: single crochet sc2tog: simple crochet 2 together ((insert the hook in the point, pass the line, pull the loop) twice, pass the line, pass through all loops)
dc: double crochet
dc7tog: double crochet 7 together: ((thread the wire, insert the hook into the stitch, thread the wire, pull the loop, wrap it, twist it 2 times), thread it through all loops)
st (s): period (s)
ss: slip point
RS / WS: right side / wrong side


The finished and locked blanket measures 78 x 105 cm (31 x 41 inches).


3 Catherine’s wheel pattern repeats and 10 lines measure 10 cm (4 inches) using a 3.5 mm hook.


The Dc7tog in Row 3 can be easily recognized when you are working at all points between two ch-1 sps.
If your Catherine wheels are looking tight, try making 8 channels in Row 3 and 5 instead of 7 ch. This will not influence other general instructions.
Ch1 at the end of a line is a turning chain and does not count as st.
Wired A, ch194.

Line 1 (RS) Starting at the second channel of the hook, sc to the end, ch1, rotate. [193 sc]

Career 2 (WS) Sc in the 1st point; * jump 3 sts (3dc, ch1, 3dc) at the next point, skip 3 sts; repeat * 23 more times, turn the wire. [24 half wheels]

Line 3 Fix the wire B with a point m / p on the first point, ch3 (cont’d as all), dc3tog on the next 3 sts, ch7, * jump ch-1 sp, dc7tog, ch7; repeats * 22 more times, dc3tog on the next 3 sts, 1dc in the last s /, turn. [23 half-wheels, 2 one-quarter wheels]

Row 4 Ch3, 3dc in dc3tog, sc in ch-1 sp of Row 2, * (3dc, ch1, 3dc) in dc7tog, sc in the following ch-1 sp; repeat from * another 22 times, 3dc in dc3tog, 1dc in last st, turn, cut wire. [23 semi-wheels, 2 wheels of a room].

Line 5 Join the wire C with a wire of a at the first point, bp at the same point, ch3, dc7tog, ch7, skip ch-1 sp, dc7tog, ch7: dc7tog, ch3, sc at last st, ch1 turn. [24 half wheels]

Line 6 Sc in the first point, * (3dc, ch1, 3dc) in dc7tog, sc in ch-1 sp of Line 4; repeats of * another 22 times, (3dc, ch1, 3dc) in dc7tog, sc in the last st. in turn, cut the wire. [24 half wheels]

Repeat the standard shape of 3-6 rows (which is 2 full Catherine wheels).

Repeat lines 3-6 until the following color sequence is completed, each color consisting of two lines (then two colors per repeat lines 3-6):
D, E, F, G, G, F, E, D, C, B, A, B, C, D, E, F, G; repeat from * other two times, then G, F, E, D, C, B.

Next line Join wire A with a wire of increases in the first point, ch3, dc3tog in the first 3, ch3, bp in ch-1 sp, ch3, * dc7tog, ch3, sc in ch-1 sp, ch3; repeat from * another 22 times, dc3tog at the next 3, 1dc at the last point, rotate. [23 half-wheels, 2 one-quarter wheels]

Last line Sc at the first point, * 3sc at ch-3 sp, 1sc at sc, 3sc at next ch-3 sp, 1sc at dc7tog; repeat from * another 22 times, 3sc on ch-3 sp 1sc on sc, 3sc on the next ch-3 sp, sc2tog, cut the wire. [193 sc]


Lock the size and work on all ends.

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